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Caught swotting before the BBC Newspaper


My media profile and business, political and economic expertise has been utilised by the UK Government as their Dealmaker covering Asia and Middle East for over a decade. As the senior and longest serving member of a 15-20 strong team, we've delivered over £1BN of investment to the UK since 2005.

Previously appointed by the Prime Minister to advise on policies for closer ties between the UK and India, and formerly working in Congress for Hon Eliot Engel, I have utilised my training as a barrister for advocating policies for wealth creation, diversity whilst engaging legislators and policy-makers.I make frequent appearances, including as host on Bloomberg and CNBC, on international prime time television as a contributor to global business discussions inspiring pride in entrepreneurship, especially women entrepreneurs and inter-faith diversity benefits, including BBC’s Newsnight, and Bloomberg, CNN, Sky Business News, CNBC, Channel 4 and US / UK radio.

I have written over 200 columns for the Financial Times, and built a worldwide reputation as an authority on economic, business, political issues, with my best-selling books on business, entrepreneurship topping the charts in UK and international Amazon stores and my political and economic paper review on BBC World TV reaching 300m viewers.I have been sought-out by international corporate giants, including Barclays, Lloyds Bank, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and ICICI Bank, as an industry-recognised expert, to deliver advice at C-level on the global economy and growth strategies.

As a businessman I built a successful private equity fund with a record of penetrative analysis of FTSE 100, 250, mid-cap companies, as well as global companies and economics and advising investors on successful strategies – with a track record commended by FT.

A former Visiting Fellow in Business & Industry at Oxford University and Council Member of Chatham House, my practical expertise is backed up by academic credentials. 

Career Highlights

Some of the Proudest Moments

Alpesh Patel and Wife working together for Department for International Trade as Dealmaker

Working with my wife for the UK Government around the world

Bringing Entrepreneurs and Venture Capital to the UK

Alpesh Patel working in the United States Congress

Working in the United States Congress

Working for Hon Eliot Engel, lobbying the US State Department on nuclear proliferation and international terrorism concerns

Alpesh Patel speaking at entrepreneurship event

Co-Founding The Indus Entrepreneurs in UK

The UK Chapter of one of the world's largest entrepreneur mentoring organisations

Alpesh Patel Book Launch

Becoming an Author

18 books on investing and management, including one for women entrepreneurs. A very good feeling to get a copy of your first ever book in your hand.

Alpesh Patel at 10 Downing Street

Representing my Country

As well as being asked by the then Prime Minister to advise his office on closer ties with India, also representing the United Kingdom around the world at the request of the Foreign Office and the Department for International Trade

Alpesh Patel with Prince Charles

Being able to use profile to raise funds for causes

Something fulfilling and worthwhile as raising funds for worthy causes was even more fulfilling when I could take my mom to meet Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.

Alpesh Patel Oxford University

Becoming a Visiting Fellow in Business and Industry at Corpus Christi College, Oxford University

From undergraduate to years later elected as a Fellow was a huge honour given how much prestige my grandfather placed on education.


Barrister - one for the folks

Qualifying as a Barrister from the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn

Gold Cards

Everything in Life is Luck

Donald Trump

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