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Internship Remote Working

Helping You Get Ahead

Thank you for your interest in remote internship/work experience. This is self-paced. Start and finish whenever you choose. I am offering this free as part of

This is how:

1.  online mentoring with these two free structured programmes I use for all new staff in my company. All teaching is by me personally, includes reading materials, exercises, videos, full books, career interviews with insiders - so you get the personal touch. To see inside a hedge fund and learn how to invest from a professional fund manager. and

2.  To keep the personal learning touch - you can email me questions, have a call - and so it feels you're sitting next to me in the office, add my Telegram which will give you daily instant messages on what I am finding interesting in the markets. 

See Career Advice-

Join my networks on LinkedIn - it's who you know - so it helps you connect

You will be added to my webinar invites for more training too.

Once you've done either free course, I am happy for you to add my name/training to your CV and my company's - if it helps you. 

Why Join This Virtual Reality Internship?

Stand Out

Designers Looking at the Computer

Make Your CV and LinkedIn Stand Out

You’ll be able to include this experience on your CV and Linkedin profile. Demonstrate that you’re ambitious, hardworking and have developed valuable practical skills.

Earn a Certificate

When you complete the Virtual Intern Experience, you’ll earn a personalised completion certificate to share with prospective employers and your professional network.

A Man and a Woman working together
A Man and a Woman looking at a Design

Set Yourself Up for Success

No more applying for jobs without knowing what the role involves. Build the confidence and practical skills that employers are looking for.

Gain Real Work Experience

Throughout the Virtual Intern Experience, you’ll develop deep insights into what it is actually like to work in a Private Equity and Hedge Fund and in Asset Management such as ours.

Typography Design
Collaborating at Work

Gain Practical Skills

You will see a day in the life; develop communication skills, market analysis know-how, logical thinking, investment analysis, problem solving skills.

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