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Campaign to Teach 1 Million People How to Invest

Learn to Invest Effectively for a Better Future.

Campaign for a Million by the Numbers 2023-4


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Because the rich and powerful should not have a monopoly on knowledge


Learn from an award-winning hedge fund manager and Financial Times International Best-selling Author, with a FREE online course and book


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Improve your investing returns with the best know-how and websites

With our training, online course, guides, videos by Alpesh himself, and free book, plus regular updates, you will learn to invest like the best in the world. We want to empower you for freedom and security through investing.

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Our Telegram Channel instantly updates you daily on your cellphone or desktop totally free on what's crossing our hedge fund desk. The most important information immediately and what we and people like Soros, Buffett are buying and selling and why. Knowledge should be as freely available and free as possible.

The Problems We Solve

Disrupting the Entitled & the Privileged by Informing and Educating Everyone, Free Forever

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The Problem with Fund Manager 'Experts'

They Charge You Lots and Let You Down. It's Why We Teach You To Manage Your Own Money Yourself. We've Beaten them in Open Challenges.


The Problem with Poor Returns

It's Well Known For Years


The Rich & Powerful Have a Monopoly on Information and Knowledge

All great fortunes derive from private information said Rothschild. We think that is unfair. As a hedge fund we see that information and we share the know how with you. Including where big money is investing, if it's appropriate for you and their research findings and often self-fulfilling predictions.

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The Problem with High Fees and Poor Value

Reports prove it. Of course not everyone can manage their own stock investments, but at least educate yourself using our free tools to ask the right questions. It's your money, no one cares about it as much as you do.


The Problem with Inaction due to Confusion

People Don't Invest Due to Lack of Know-how and that Creates an Opportunity Cost and a poverty gap

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Because Financial Stress Hurts Your Health

The Data

Research from Centre for Economics & Business Research; Money & Mental Health Policy Institute; Brewin Dophin [Image (c) Brewin Dophin]

Because Financial Worries Ruin Relationships and Lives and Make You Sick


Source 1: Employers Guide to Financial Wellbeing, Salary Finance. Image (c) Brewin Dolphin

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Get the World's Best Helping You

We've Converted 200 of Our Investing Columns from the Financial Times into a Regularly Updated Course; including videos, webinars, books.

We believe a society is stronger when it have the knowledge to save, to invest, to make the most of it's hard-earned capital, and also understands risk. We believe side-income and side-gigs are all important in a modern society and we want to provide the best tools for people to succeed. For that reason a lot of our education and mentoring is free. But its still top quality taken from Alpesh's 200 Financial Times columns and 18 international best-selling books.


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