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The World's Number 1 Authority on Investing and Trading Online Teaches You Proven Strategies to Help You Improve Returns.

Over 300m see his BBC Paper Review. Find out why he is flown globally to speak to thousands of people annually. Portfolio includes Rothschilds, Bloomberg, Financial Times, Barclays, Lloyds, UK Government, Oxford University, Merrill Lynch HSBC, American Express, Goldman Sachs.​​

Hedge Fund CEO, Financial Times and Bloomberg TV Alumnus, Visiting Fellow in Business, Oxford University, BBC Paper Reviewer. Barrister. FT winner of forecast the FTSE competition. OBE for services to the Economy.



Learn from an award-winning hedge fund manager and Financial Times International Best-selling Author, with a FREE online course and book
1609720_10152609547026005_66691123167081 Free Trading Course

Learn how professional traders make money and copy them

Our free course and training videos show you how hedge funds trade and the bits of best practice from the leading traders in the world you can copy from managing risk to finding high probability moves - forex, stocks, indices.

Free Investing Unplugged Book + Free Investments Course

Improve your investing returns with the best know-how and websites

With our training, online course, guides, videos by Alpesh himself, and free book, plus regular updates, you will learn to invest like the best in the world. We want to empower you for freedom and security through investing.

Free Instant Messenger Market Insights

Get Insights from Our Hedge Fund Desk Direct

Our Telegram Channel instantly updates you daily on your cellphone or desktop totally free on what's crossing our hedge fund desk. The most important information immediately and what we and people like Soros, Buffett are buying and selling and why.

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Entrepreneurship, Technology, Fund Management, Investing, Philanthropy, Teaching, Mentoring, Campaigning


Get the World's Best Helping You

Use Our Software, Our 1-2-1 Mentoring and Courses Updated Daily

We believe a society is stronger when it have the knowledge to save, to invest, to make the most of it's hard-earned capital, and also understands risk. We believe side-income and side-gigs are all important in a modern society and we want to provide the best tools for people to succeed. For that reason a lot of our education and mentoring is free. But its still top quality taken from Alpesh's 200 Financial Times columns and 18 international best-selling books.

Expertise & Campaigns


Fintech Entrepreneur & Educator

Global Published Authority on Online Trading

As well as democratising investment by providing exceptional free education to create a society of investors, our ambition for our trading software is to make it into a unicorn ($1 billion business). It uses AI to help people make trading and investing decisions. We have customers in over 50 countries worldwide.


Global Entrepreneurship and Technology 

Dealmaker for UK Government

Making deals to land the world's leading companies and tech entrepreneurs who tackle the greatest global problems to establish their HQ in the UK.

BBC News_ Greece is getting sorted. Bovi

Hedge Fund & Private Equity Fund Manager

Responsible Investing with a Focus on Global Solutions in Cleantech and Medtech

In 2004, Alpesh Patel, established an FCA regulated asset management company.

Put your heart, mind, intellect, and sou

Professional Speaker

Entertain : Engage: Inform : Wow

I believe even if you are using a powerpoint, you can engage an audience, make them laugh and leave them utterly fulfilled. I speak around the world on topics from leadership, entrepreneurship, investing to global politics.

Outstanding work of British Asian Trust.

Philanthropy Public Service 

Raising Funds for the Most Pressing Global Issues

The causes I support, the work I believe in.

Newspaper Review_ Google will hit $1,000

Broadcaster & Author: Global Politics & Financial Analysis

Engaging : Entertaining : Insightful

From my weekly show on Bloomberg TV to BBC today, I believe unless you can add value, keep your mouth shut. My number 1 rule is 'what can I say which is insightful and original.'


Peter Cruddas

Chairman CMC Group

“Alpesh’s insight to the markets and trading are a must read for traders of all levels including beginners, there is something for everyone.”

Michael Foulkes

Waterhouse Europe

“Find out how one of the UK’s best known traders and broadcasters uses the wealth of information out there.”

Clive Cooke

CEO CityIndex

“Alpesh’s proven track record speaks for itself. Learning from him will help ordinary people match the results of market professionals.”

Polly Fergusson

Shares Magazine

“Takes a no-holds barred approach to uncovering stock market secrets, and searches for the truth that most financial TV coverage keeps well hidden…a brave guide that will help any stock market investor navigate the muddy waters of financial reporting – a sort of Columbo meets Warren Buffet.”

Dan Maczulski

IG Index

“Genuinely attempts and succeeds in giving the tools to convert a private investor to a professional investor for today’s ‘Holy Grail’ obsessed market.”

John Watson

Co-Chairman CNBC Arabia

“The lid of the traders’ black box has finally been well and truly removed.”

Bernard Oppetit

Chairman Centaurus

“This is great. A magnificent job” [about Mind of a Trader by Alpesh Patel]

Mark Slater

fmr MD Merrill Lynch

“The Mind of a Trader successfully captures the character of its subject, with Alpesh’s insightful commentary.”

Ivan Schouker

CEO American
Express Sharepeople

“Alpesh is a born authoritative commentator and always insightful news editorial contributor. I miss the time when his FT column on online investing was my incentive to buy the weekend edition.”

Pat Arbor

Chairman of the Chicago
Board of Trade

“Gets to the heart of the matter of trading by clearly elucidating the methodologies of successful trading strategies while capturing the ineffable ethos of singular, successful traders”

Brian Winterflood

Winterflood Securities

“Long overdue and very, very welcome”

Philip Hamsheir


“Seasoned traders and new investors alike will learn much from Alpesh Patel’s “no nonesense” guide to the industry”

Peter Temple

Financial Times columnist

“…one of the savviest traders around. Read [Investing Unplugged] and you are guaranteed to be a better investor.”

Sapna Kandakuri

Wealth Management,
Coutts Bank

“An essential companion for the online trader.”

Thom Calandra

Editor in Chief,
CBS MarketWatch

“Let this veteran trading warrior show you how to survive and thrive with his latest internet guide”

Justin Urquhart Stewart

Co-founder Seven
Investment Management

“At last someone brave enough to explain trading clearly.”

Nathan Moss

Merrill Lynch HSBC

“The Internet Trading Course is the best guide of its kind to personal investing and will satisfy the beginner and the professional.”

Bharat Masrani

Vice Chairman
TD Waterhouse Group

“The Internet Trading Course gives you an insight into making the markets work for you.”

Craig Walling

CEO Charles Schwab Europe

“Insights into online trading from one of the leading authorities in the field.”

Gaurav Saraf

CEO Epiphany Ventures

“Alpesh provides as ever as the leading authority in his field clear and concise guide to making profits from proven trading strategies.”

Hans Georgeson

Director Barclays Stockbrokers

“Alpesh clearly brings to life the difference between what analysts and the media ‘spin’ and what you should trust.”

Sasha Redford


Alpesh is an absolute professional, always prepared, knowledgeable and above all engaging. He speaks authoritatively on a wide range of marco economic issues and always manages to engage the audience making the more mundane stories compelling and thought provoking. I have no hesitation in recommending him or working with Alpesh in the future.

Simon Campbell

CEO and Publisher,
TRADERS' Magazine UK

Alpesh has a been a valued keynote speaker at our live events for many years, whose rare talent in connecting with investors and traders at the retail level, while explaining and simplifying complex theories, accounts for his enduring appeal and popularity with our attendees and readers. As if that isn’t enough, he always adds wit, passion and knowledge in his interactions bringing a smooth flow to the event’s format

Ivan Yip

Inward Investment Manager|
UK Trade & Investment |
British Consulate-General

Alpesh is truly one of the best public speakers I have met. His speech is so powerful and grasps attention of the audiences every single moment. The content he delivered is unparalleled and is so distinctive that I saw a lot of audiences taking pictures on the slides. Alpesh really knows what the audiences need and expect and he is able to deliver them all!

Dominique Dubois

Vice President,
Banque Privée Edmond de
Rothschild Europe

Mr. Alpesh Patel was a guest speaker at Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild Europe’s Annual Institutional Seminar, held in Luxembourg on 11th June 2013. His tailor made presentation on the outlook for global markets was witty, informative and extremely well received by the over 300 professionals present. We would highly recommend Mr. Patel as a speaker at any such event

Ruchira Talwar

Barclays Wealth

It was a pleasure having Alpesh speak at the annual Barclays Wealth and Investment Management Diwali event. He is by far one of the most talented speakers that I have come across to date. He has the gravitas and natural ability to captivate an audience and keep them engaged throughout; a gift that very few have. Despite his exemplary speaking abilities, what sets Alpesh out from the crowd is the sincerity that sits behind every word he delivers; an intangible quality that allows him to “hit a home run every time!”

Sapna Kandukuri

Marketing Manager – LIFFE
(World’s Second Largest
Derivatives Exchange)

Alpesh increasingly was the face of our launch of Universal Stock Futures. We
worked with him for over a year and in all media from books to print articles to online weekly columns. He was excellent value for money and we renewed the contract until our objectives were reached of user uptake. The regard with which he is held in the industry and by the public meant LIFFE as the world’s then second largest derivatives exchange were delighted to be Cobranded with Alpesh. His deep understanding of the private investor market meant we used him for strategic marketing consultancy advice too to hone our messaging. This proved invaluable. I highly recommend Alpesh; professional insightful impactful great value.

Caught swotting before the BBC Newspaper

Driven By Purpose


International Best Selling Books by Alpesh Patel OBE

published by Financial Times, Wiley, Macmillan


Trading Online

Published by Financial Times. One of Alpesh’s earliest books on trading strategies for online trading. A global bestseller.


Global Financial Markets Revolution

Published by Macmillan. Alpesh’s book explores the revolution in online trading and the global financial markets and the innovators winning.


Net Trading

Published by Financial Times. One of Alpesh’s earliest books on trading strategies for online trading. A global bestseller.


Mind of a Trader

Published by Financial Times. Alpesh interviews 10 of the world’s leading traders and explores their strategies. As some become Alpesh’s mentors, their insights in trading lead him to eventually set up his hedge fund.



One of the 8 translated books by Alpesh Patel. Spanish, French, German, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Thai, Korean.


Trading Online

2nd Edition of the international best-selling Financial Times published book by Alpesh Patel.


investing unplugged

Alpesh’s insights from Bloomberg TV on how to trade the media spin on financial news. Published by MacMillan


Trading Online

The Pocket Guide to Trading Online. A collection of Alpesh’s most popular Financial Times columns.

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