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5 Amazingly Simple Steps on How To Invest To Make Your Life Better

In this video and presentation slides I have collected all the best advice from my investing books to present the easiest most simple 5 step guide to invest and why it will make your life better.

With my guide you do not need any prior investing experience because I explain everything and how you can learn more.

I will also highlight why stocks are good investments for almost everyone. Investing in the stock market is the most common way for people to gain investment experience.

My guide will also give you a taste of being your own broker and what it is like to get into investment management. Plus there now investment broker costs are lower than ever and if you DIY there are no additional costs compared to giving money to a traditional fund manager.

Whilst many brokers are racing to offer cut price brokerage charges and also index investing, I show you that if you pick your own stocks, those things do not matter.

How to Invest: Risks to Investing We Will Avoid

You Buy Too Many/Few Stocks

You Buy Bad Ones

You Need the Money Sooner

You Don’t Realise the Risk You’re Taking

You Give It To A Fund Manager Thinking They’ll Make More of Your Money

You Pick a Stock That Does Poorly

You Try to Time the Market and Get It Wrong

Step 1: Finding a Broker

Key Things To Consider •Simple to Use •Regulated •Investing not Trading •Global Stocks not Just Funds ISA/SIPP ie Tax Free Funds.

Step 2: How to Divide Your Money

In the video and slides I show why it is 15 stocks, equal money in each.

Step 3: Knowing What to Buy

In this part of the video I explain why the best source is you for research and how you should do it.

Learn to Invest Step 4: How to Find Stocks Yourself

I give you a checklist and the tools to find those stocks.

How to Invest Step 5: When to Sell

Again I explain in the video a simple set of rules on when to sell. This is the part that people often find the most difficult. It is very easy to buy and keep buying, then never do anything to your portfolio because you have no exit strategy. That then leads to holding too long to good stocks, or even worse, to poor stocks.

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