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Beyond the Bitcoin Boom: A Trader's Guide to Steady Navigation Through Fads and Frenzy

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

The world of trading is often lit by the dazzling allure of the next big thing. Few phenomena have shone brighter in recent years than the meteoric rise of Bitcoin, a beacon in the digital cosmos that has captured the imagination and greed of many a trader.

This glittering asteroid, however, provides a perfect backdrop for a timeless lesson: the importance of steady navigation and measured judgment amidst the ever-shifting landscape of fads and frenzy.

Consider Bitcoin not merely a cryptocurrency but a symbol - a lighthouse in a sea of digital marvels, a siren's song enticing the trader to rush headlong into the rocks of greed.

This is not to discount its potential or influence but to underscore the necessity of a discerning perspective amidst the roar of the market's ever-changing tides.

At its core, trading is an art of balanced judgement and strategic patience. It's about discerning the solid ground of enduring value amidst the sand dunes of fleeting fads. Bitcoin, or any other exciting new opportunity, can offer considerable rewards, but it's crucial not to be seduced by the allure of quick riches or swayed by the popular waves. Trading this asset should be done in the same way as any other. Nothing special. Nothing different.

Navigating this requires a compass of inner balance, a tether to prevent us from being swept away in the winds of greed or blind trend-following. It's about grounding our decisions in diligent research, realistic expectations, and a measured understanding of our risk tolerance. After all, even the most enticing beacon may lead to treacherous waters if followed without caution.

In the end, remember this: the realm of trading is often ablaze with the fireworks of the latest trend, the newest innovation. Let these spectacles illuminate your path, not blind your vision. Learn to appreciate the beauty of these flashes of brilliance like Bitcoin, but remain firmly grounded in your journey. Let your decisions be shaped not by the ebb and flow of market fads but by the timeless principles of balance, diligence, and strategic patience.

My strategy - the same as for trading oil futures or indices - 1. time frame - 15m to 1w 2. Trend and momentum 3. Multiple indicators showing momentum, e.g., higher lows, higher highs, and multi-period highs plus price closing intra-period near its highs. 4. volatility-based position size and stop loss 5. never add to a loser 6. Add to the winner with profits made 7. stepped trailing stop loss. 8. multi-period confirmations of aforementioned highs


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