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Forging the Future: Indo-UK Collaboration through the Global Entrepreneur Programme

On the panel as Dealmaker in the Department for Business and Trade, in the Indian High Commission and FICCI event, I am looking for in the Global Entrepreneur Programme scale up companies whose founders would be suitable for the UK Innovator Visa (whether or not they need it).

That means UK company 1. yet to be set up (not sales office) but willing+ able to go global from the UK , 2. high growth already - proven scale up 3. exceptional innovative deep tech and 4. world-class self-starter, self-sufficient founder(s) needing limited high impact direction/help with networks/door opening initially only. 

Companies of the calibre of our alumni or Carbon Clean Solutions or instance. Founder(s) expected to spend a lot of time in the UK with their new UK company. 

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

India has emerged as a significant hub for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) innovation, with a vast talent pool of engineers and researchers. 

2. Cybersecurity

Indian companies with expertise in cybersecurity solutions, including threat intelligence, network security, and incident response, can address the significant demand in the UK market. 

3. Quantum Computing

Indian companies and research institutions working on quantum computing can find collaborative opportunities in the UK, which is investing heavily in quantum technologies.

4. Defence Equipment and Manufacturing

India's defense sector has made significant strides in manufacturing a wide range of defense equipment, including vehicles, aircraft, naval ships, and unmanned systems. 

5. Cyber Defence and Intelligence

Collaboration in this area can help safeguard critical infrastructure and sensitive information, addressing mutual concerns over cyber threats and espionage.

6. Surveillance and Reconnaissance Technologies

Advancements in surveillance and reconnaissance technologies, including satellites, drones, and AI-powered analytics, are vital for national security and defence. 

7. Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology

Indian companies can work with UK entities to develop lightweight, durable materials for use in armour, aerospace, and naval applications, contributing to the next generation of defense technologies.

8. Space Technologies and Satellite Communications

With India's significant achievements in space technology and satellite communication, there is a clear opportunity for collaboration with the UK's growing space sector; including reconnaissance, and secure communication channels.

9. Autonomous Systems and AI in Defense

The application of AI and autonomous systems in defense offers transformative potential. Indian companies at the forefront of AI, robotics, and unmanned vehicles can contribute to the UK's defence strategy.

10. Maritime Security Technologies

Indian companies can offer solutions in maritime surveillance, anti-piracy systems, and naval combat systems, contributing to the security of sea lanes and maritime infrastructure.


The collaboration between Indian scale-up companies and the UK through the Global Entrepreneur Programme presents a unique opportunity for mutual growth and innovation.

The sectors identified, ranging from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Maritime Security Technologies, highlight the breadth and depth of potential partnerships that can drive forward the technological and defense capabilities of both nations. Indian companies, with their proven track record in innovation, high growth, and global ambitions, are ideally positioned to leverage the UK's robust ecosystem for tech startups, including access to funding, a skilled workforce, and a gateway to international markets.

For the UK, attracting world-class founders and companies in these cutting-edge sectors aligns with its strategic objectives to be a global leader in innovation and technology, particularly in areas critical to economic security and competitiveness. The UK Innovator Visa serves as a catalyst for this, offering a pathway for exceptional talent and visionary entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses within the UK.

Alpesh Patel OBE


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