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Mastering Patience: The Key to Successful Investing

Investing is waiting.

It’s not checking the roots to see how the plant is doing very few minutes.

It’s riding other people’s hard work. So let them get on with it and don’t keep micro second guessing.

Ensure there is a massive gap between your numbers and room for error.

It’s not seeing into the future. It’s knowing that some truths are eternal in finance and the world - growth matters, so does income, so does momentum, so does the price you pay for profits, so does not being let down and if you are not by much ie track record.

None of this guarantees anything.

But if there is a tailwind you’ll soar. If there is a headwind you’ll have warnings in ample time like Meta 2022 Jan.

If you can’t do these things. It’s not you. It’s the wrong stock you picked.

Alpesh Patel OBE


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