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Value of Pips Predator Helped me Partially Retire

Dr Maulik reviews Pips Predator

Pips Predator by Alpesh Patel makes it easy for a beginner trader. It enables them to realise high returns after a few short months.

This online trading course provides courseware, access to proprietary online tools and resources.

The one-on-one lifetime mentoring is designed to enable beginner or advanced traders to earn higher returns.

About Pips Predator

Pips Predator is designed and led by the award-winning hedge fund manager Alpesh Patel OBE.

Students can learn at their own pace. Through a carefully developed a library of educational materials. This will help them secure their financial future.

Pips Predator educates private traders on how to trade for their future. With software & 1-2-1 calls they are fast-tracked to almost expert level of confidence.

Risk Warning: All investing is risky.

Focus on clients

Pips Predator is for beginners or advanced traders who seek higher returns from their stock trading.

Maulik’s Investing Background

Dr. Maulik, an NHS Physician, had never bought stocks or traded on the stock market before. While looking for a mentor he discovered an ad that was a fraudulent claim. The person had no stock market experience.

He became extremely wary after this experience. Maulik was referred to Alpesh by a friend. He attended an event, met Alpesh, and commenced the Pips Predator Programme in 2020.

At that point, Dr. Maulik was working 10-hour shifts in the hospital but had dreams to retire early and work part-time. With no idea about trading, Maulik had always wanted to learn.

Maulik’s Investing Journey

On completing the online course, Maulik sought advice on different trades from Alpesh.

“Alpesh is a great mentor. His knowledge is of so much value.

He always responds to questions personally. He also gives you the means to understand how to trade successfully. It has been a great journey”, says Maulik.

Through a clearly defined step-by-step guidance, Dr. Maulik slowly gained confidence. He developed the skills to use the proprietary Pips Predator software.

It helped him learn to decide which stocks are best to buy and sell.

“The screen is very clear and easy to understand. There is no unnecessary information, and the indicators are the guiding light for smart trades”, said Dr. Maulik.

Dr. Maulik said the course is beneficial and concise. It’s useful for learning what to look for when choosing stocks.

Maulik’s Outcome

Maulik had planned to retire and work part-time partially, a one year after commencing the programme.

Dr. Maulik can partially retire. He plans to continue trading and to commence the Great Investments Programme to learn to invest.

“I’m achieving what I want within a year –financial independence. It’s a continuous journey. I will continue to trade to achieve future dreams.”

“This programme is unique in its value in that it lets me plan my future. I reduced my working hours by 40%. Perhaps I’ll become a full-time trader in the next few years as I am enjoying it immensely.”

Since Maulik’s colleague found out about his partial retirement, he is joining the course too.

Expertise offered on Pips Predator

  1. Achieving better results. B

  2. y explaining technicalities – market metrics, movements etc

  3. Optimise returns by managing the self: focusing, gaining awareness of risk profile and emotional detachment

  4. Creating more straightforward ways for traders to understand market influences and catalysts for change

RISK WARNING: All investing is risky. Returns at not guaranteed. Past performance and case studies are no guarantee of future results. 

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