How to Invest in a Stock Market Bubble

Will the stock market crash? Welcome to this series on ‘Learn to Invest with Alpesh Patel’. A computer model developed at Yale University showed that markets would most likely crash in late summer 2018. And that’s the problem – it was wrong, and too many times people cry wolf, but the paranoid could be right again. The algorithm, which was developed by a team of financial engineers led by Professor Robert Shiller, based its prediction on past volatility. So we are talking ab

How to Build a Solid Portfolio In 2021

Investing in the stock market is a lucrative way to become a millionaire potentially – and like all money-making has risks. The key is to follow the best investment practices to increase your chances of success. Step-by-step investing instructions Follow these step-by-step instructions for how to build a portfolio using investment principles that consistently work overtime. Learn how to invest in stocks, find opportunities in the market from experts at investing (not gambling

How to Invest in the New Year

A Worthy New Year’s Resolution My New Years Resolution: to make money to solve big world problems. You can do this by learning to invest for free all year long at Most people want to make a difference in their lives and others’ lives but have difficulty committing to change. This New Year, I’m making a resolution to help people find a solution to this problem! Learn to Invest with Alpesh Patel Investment and entrepreneur lessons from the best invest

50 Warren Buffett Quotes on Investing and Success

Introduction to the Quotes and Wisdom of Warren Buffett on Investing and Success These 50 Warren Buffett quotes on investing are incredibly useful. Following the advice of one of the world’s most successful and wealthiest men will help you be a better investor and business person. We took his advice and applied it to investing and our own business – The Great Investments Programme. Warren Buffett might be among the world’s wealthiest men, but you couldn’t tell if you met that

Alpesh Patel on Investing — Covid, Brexit, After Trump

How to invest to make money with Covid, Brexit and Trump news making things complicated? Whilst markets as a whole rise (see image) the trick is not to have to wait for so long. Introduction We’re going to start off with, ‘Is COVID a good or bad time to enter the market?’ and if we’re worried about risk what should we do. What are the strategies, what are the insider hedge funds saying, what are the big banks telling their wealthiest clients? It’s my job to know those things.

How To Make Money Investing in Stocks: Finding Tools To Trust

How to make money investing in stocks and finding tools to trust is on everyone’s mind it seems. After all some well-known stocks soar and people are worried about their jobs. Trust is paramount when it comes to online searches for making money in stocks The problem is there are too many websites to choose from, and too few to trust. We had a real problem showing people which tools were worthy. How do we convey trust? The problem is there are too many financial scams and the

Investing for Retirement in the Stock Market

Ways To Retire Comfortably By Investing for Retirement in the Stock Market.Investing for retirement in the stock market need not be the worry it is for so many people. It’s a common worry with stock market volatility. Here are nine things you can do now. Worry About the Downside You want stocks which will fall less, and recover faster when markets fall. We do not know what will cause stock falls, but we know they will happen. So we want protection. Take what is probably the s