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20 AI Stocks To Benefit Say Major Bank (Accuracy Level - They're Right on a Couple)

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

According to Bank of America, the stocks to benefit from the AI boom are these 12. Let's have a look; they're giving us 20 even better value for money than a bank gives you value for money.

I will analyze every single one based not just on their fundamentals, valuations, revenue, growth, and cash flow criteria. But I will also look at the price charts and see where the momentum is going in these. If the rest of the world has seen what Bank of America thinks is within those companies. So let's go through them individually.

Adobe and I own this, price target they've got four hundred dollars on that, and I'm going to say, yes. That will be one of the winners, not least because when I look at the fundamentals, they're all there, but actually. Even more so, when you look at how oversold it is on the monthly MACD, a measure of momentum, you can see it rising on the weekly stochastic as well. So in the short term and the longer term, and I'm looking at 12-month holdings, this is a yes.

Advantest I don't know, this one GPU's graphic processing units, big target for that they've got. I don't have enough data on this, so I must give this a pass.

AI chip 72 billion dollar company Taiwanese let's look at that one; you can see where it's been going and the general upward trend in the right direction. It does meet the demand for AI chips, and it does meet the fundamental criteria of value growth and income as well. So let's go that way.

Alphabet, one that I own, and of course, everything going on this is less than just an AI Play. It's broader than that; it's been whacked. Obviously, it's dropped 45 from peak to trough, which means if it goes back to all-time highs, it will. It will double your money even if it took three years to do that, and that's fine. Let alone the fact that it's oversold, so you don't need to spend more time on that one; it's a yes.

Appier Group as well it's an AI software company. The trend is in the right direction on that one, and I'm going to give that a yes as well; Bank of America a ride on that one.

Apple, well, you all know Apple, don't you? So I don't need to go much into it again, I don't think of it purely as an AI plate or at all, but I own it; it's one of my more fundamental ones. Even though some of the revenues and valuations are a bit expensive, it's still in there.

Arista networks you will have heard of, and let's look at the price on that one nice upward trend going up well, a bit overbought to so a little bit of short-term concern, but that trend will continue as with some of the others.

By the way, I think the whole thing about AI will become massive. It's going to become a bit like what the crypto craze was. It's just going to be not just a buzzword, but it is that big. I think it's the biggest thing since the internet.

ASML Holdings is something that I held a long time ago in the past; where are we with that one, and the chart is oversold, as you can see there. The MACD should be rising, and therefore that should go back to all-time highs. I'm not saying it necessarily be this year, but it should be in that direction.

Baidu, the Chinese company, is a play on China, let alone AI, and it should also benefit from AI. I'm going to give that a yes because the MACDs over sold; that's the main reason for that.

HOYA supply of (EUV) extreme ultraviolet mask blank, and there's a bit of AI shoved in all of that too. I know everyone sounds as if they're going to say AI all the time now. I've got too little data on this. Can it go back from 102 to 152? I think it will. If nothing else, just on hype, it will for HOYA.

Meta, well, you know what that is, and it has been going as well. We picked the bottom over there; if you've been following my channels and everything else, you'll know where that bottom was and what we thought would happen, and it's accelerating at a faster pace than we thought. So it's in that direction, and they may well pivot from that stupid augmented reality nonsense and the metaverse into AI, and they will pretty sharpish in those two overlaps.

Microsoft I own, have bought some more, and continue buying, and it's a yes, hell yes for that one. MACD's oversold as well that's going to hit an all-time high within 12 months, with Microsoft.

Nice systems; where are we on that? Oversold, I'm going to give that a yes as well; 212 to about 300, 280 should be the price within about 18 months.

Nvidia, I own it as well. You saw what I thought would happen. I've drawn it on there from previous times, and what we found with Nvidia is it's all on track, and it's made us; I think it's been one of our best performers so far this year in a market that has been quite volatile.

Palantir company, my wife knows quite well, and it's been going sideways; it's just not lifting up, but I don't have a problem with this one. I won't necessarily say it's going to go from 8 to 33, and I think it's going to quadruple in price, but I'd keep hold of this if I already held it, and I might wait if I don't hold it, and I don't hold it at the moment.

Qi An Xin is a cyber security company that is high in terms of valuation. If you want to do the overseas Chinese market play, then I don't have a problem with this one.

RELX, which used to be read Elsevier, is where we are, a 58 Billion Dollar Giant company oversold over here; that chart's not very useful. Oversold over there and could well resume upwards. I'm going to be neutral on that one.

SAP, you're all familiar with it, and it is again oversold. It's in the right direction, and can it go from 117 to 150? I will say yes, in 12 months.

Shutterstock, you're familiar with this in terms of images and all of those things; it's not really. Again I didn't think of it as AI in the way Microsoft is moving into that space. But it's oversold, and 75 to 100 that'll give you a 33 return. I'm going to give that a yes, as well.

Taiwan semiconductor I own as well, and where are we on that oversold going from 90, I reckon to about 130, yes indeed.

Which are the ones on my approved filtered list? Arista Networks, RELX, and Shutterstock. To go over those again, Arista, I was a bit neutralish on this one; RELX was more of a yes to Shutterstock; I said yes, it'll go back up. So those were on the approved filtered list, which is my list which is even more stringent than Bank of America, where it goes through value, growth, income, cash flow, and the like, so it met all of those criteria.

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Alpesh Patel OBE


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