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From the Stage to the Stock Market: Combining My Love of Acting and Investing

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

I used to be in the school drama society, you know - here I mix my love of acting with that of stock picking.

[Scene: A bustling marketplace filled with merchants and traders. At the center, a stage has been erected, with a large banner that reads: "The Campaign for a Million."

Enter Cornelius Prospero and Lucius, discussing their recent findings.]

Cornelius Prospero:

In our pursuit of wealth, we have chanced upon

A noble cause that seeks to guide and teach

A million souls to better wield their gold,

And make of them investors wise and bold.


This "Campaign for a Million," dost thou speak,

What purpose doth it serve, what good doth seek?

Cornelius Prospero:

Its aim, dear friend, is to lift the common folk,

From ignorance and penury to yoke

The power of investment and to share

The knowledge that hath made us millionaires.


Methinks, good Cornelius, that we should

Join forces with this cause, impart our brood

Of secrets so that others may ascend

The ladder of success and wealth, extend.

Cornelius Prospero:

Aye, Lucius, thou hast struck upon a plan,

To share our wisdom and enlighten man.

The more who join us in our quest for gain,

The stronger we shall stand 'gainst Fortune's bane.

[Enter Helena, the organizer of the Campaign for a Million.]


Good sirs, I see your interest doth grow,

In this campaign to teach, uplift, and sow

The seeds of knowledge in the minds of all,

And lead a million souls to heed the call.

Cornelius Prospero:

Indeed, fair Helena, we wish to share

Our hard-won knowledge and to help prepare

The common folk for battles yet unseen,

To brave the storms of markets and to glean

The treasures that are hidden in the deep,

The riches that the wise and bold shall keep.


Your offer, sirs, is generous and kind,

A testament to your enlightened mind.

Together, let us forge a path anew,

A future where a million dreams come true.

[Exeunt Cornelius Prospero, Lucius, and Helena joining hands in solidarity as they embark on their journey to teach a million people the art of investment.]

[Thus, our heroes, Cornelius Prospero and Lucius, find a greater purpose in their quest for wealth. Through their partnership with the Campaign for a Million, they seek to empower others with the knowledge and skills required to navigate the treacherous seas of the financial world.]

Alpesh Patel OBE


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