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Free Trading and Forex Signals : How To Find the Best Signals 2021 Including Telegram

It’s a common question we are asked, “Free Trading and Forex Signals : How To Find the Best” .

What are trading signals? Where can you get free ones which are reputable? How do you decide which are best and reputable?

Free Trading and Forex Signals – The Best Signals Have to Meet These Rules

  1. The credentials of the provider – are they a regulated hedge fund manager who is behind them?

  2. Do not use broker signals – their job, even if provided by 3rd parties, is to get you to trade. 70% of retail clients lose money with brokers using their signals – that should tell you something.

  3. Do not use ones randomly advertised on the internet by a no credentialed IT geek – use your common sense – scam warning!

  4. Is the provider giving them regularly? Several times a week and keeping the old ones on screen for you to check?

  5. Never trust them if they need your phone number – they will sell it to a broker and you will be cold called

  6. Never trust a site which is not featured, with proof, and video clips showing, them using it on TV such as Bloomberg, CNBC, BBC – they have to be that good. It’s your money. Just putting a logo on the website is not enough.

  7. Do they show where and why the stop loss is?

  8. Make sure they never tell you to add to losing trades — hedge funds do not do that

  9. Have they explained their logic? Do they tell you when to add to winner? If they claim risk/reward ratios then they are capping profits and going against hedge fund practice and are ignorant of real trading.

  10. Do they claim to pin point tops and bottoms? If so they are lying. No hedge fund has a time machine. Do they claim to be right more than 70%? Then they are lying. Soros is right 50% of the time and in my book, published by the Financial Times, The Mind of a Trader, the world’s leading hedge funds confirmed this.

Free Trading and Forex Signals : How We Did It Right For You

So you can see and learn everything we’ve explained, we followed the above rules. You can see our free trading and forex signals here: . It’s spun out from our hedge fund – no by looking at it you won’t suddenly put us out of business or become a billionaire.


Telegram is proving popular – it’s instant and there is no need to give your details or email. But it is a paradise for scam experts. So we set our up so you can see trades we placed and what a credentials professional signal should look like. By comparing anything you find to our checklist this should help you find free trading and forex signals which are the best. We certainly think ours are and no one beats them.

Risk warning: All trading is risky. You can in trading lose more than your initial capital.

Alpesh Patel OBE


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