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Campaign For A Million: Exposing the Stark Contrast in UK vs. US Pension Growth

A man emailed me today. He said he just checked his pension. Over the past 10 years it's up 20%. He's with Legal and General. The poverty inflicted by these ruinous asset managers on British pensioners is something I will be writing to the Parliamentary Select Committees about to investigate. 

My Campaign for a Million to teach people about investing so they have over their lifetimes a million more in their pensions shows data on the impact on UK workforce, productivity, mental health and relationships by having fund managers keep British pensioners in relative poverty. 

It was open to the British pensioner to have the returns of their American counterpart. Based on the growth percentages provided in the image for the 10-year period, here's what someone starting with £100,000 in their pension would have now in each index:

NASDAQ 100 (NDX): The investment would have grown by 382.22%, resulting in a final value of approximately £482,220.

S&P 500 (SPX): The investment would have grown by 166.17%, resulting in a final value of approximately £266,170.

MSCI United Kingdom Index (EWU): The investment would have grown by 24.54%, resulting in a final value of approximately £124,540.

And what do poorer pensioners do? Rely on the State. Higher taxes for younger people. Fewer resources for everyone. Except the fund manager. 

My first Financial Times column about this was over 20 years ago. Nothing changed. It's got worse. I've grilled people on Bloomberg TV on my show about it. I've decried it on BBC paper reviews many times. 

2024, we will add to the Campaign a specific focus on pensions and women who the data shows get the worst of it.

Alpesh Patel OBE


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