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How Great Investments Programme Can Help You Invest Better

Paul reviews Great Investment Programme

The Great Investments Programme by Alpesh Patel makes it easy for a beginner investor to realise high returns after a few short months.

A investment training programme that provides online courseware, access to proprietary online tools and resources and one on one lifetime mentoring designed to enable beginner or advanced investors to invest successfully.

Risk Warning: All investing is risky. 

About Great Investments Programme

Designed and led by the award-winning hedge fund manager Alpesh Patel OBE, students learn at their own pace through a carefully developed library of educational materials so they can secure their financial future.

Client focus – Great Investments Programme

The Great Investments Programme can be used by beginner or advanced investors who seek higher returns from their investments.

Great Investments Programme educates private investors on how to invest for their future. With software & 1-2-1 calls, they are fast-tracked to almost an expert level of confidence.

Paul’s Investing Background

Paul, a Chartered Financial Planner, had been investing for 27 years for his own clients. He was advising clients, using risk-adjusted Portfolios inline with their individual needs. This could be growth or taking income in retirement.

Paul got burnt on a CFD some time ago and discovered Alpesh through a webinar and started the Great Investments Programme in March 2020 when markets had fallen drastically.

His Portfolio was reduced by a third as it was in equities at the time during the collapse. Paul sold many Unit Trusts & OEIC’s, which meant he could leverage his investments in regional ETF markets.

THe experienced a fantastic comeback from the recovery. Paul wanted to improve his understanding of investments and, in particular, share dealing.

Paul’s Investing Journey

Paul completed 89% of the course and has started to put his learnings into practice during the market downturn in 2020.

Alpesh uses share dealing, which Paul found very interesting, to add to his knowledge on this investment area – a completely different approach from investing in Units Trusts and OEIC’s.

Paul enjoyed learning the Programme at his own pace and could scale up or down his dedicated time depending on work commitments.

He thought the indicators provided in the Great Investments Program were fascinating. Particularly the warning factors on when to exit an investment at the best time and filters to exclude companies.

Paul’s Investing Outcome

Results have been great for Paul. Last year was very volatile in equity markets, and he decided to cash out of the ETFs when markets were back to previous highs and made a profit.

Paul is becoming more comfortable with share trading; he created a portfolio. He is tracking it to see global performances, using the tools, systems, and mentorship provided by the Great Investments Programme.

Paul said, ‘If you’re interested in investing and you want to take it seriously, it’s definitely worth doing because you’ll learn an awful lot through the course.”

Even though the Programme is different from Paul’s methods in the past, Paul is mastering the different angles and understands the reasoning behind it.

He is constantly researching fund managers and their performance and plans on growing and reinvesting the cash and new contributions. This is the power of pound cost averaging on adding to investments.

Great Investments Programme Expertise

Alpesh said, “I want people to understand that investing is not something to be afraid of, and educating them in terms is my job and my track record is well documented, so I am really pleased to be practical.”
  1. We achieve better results by explaining technicalities such as market metrics and movements and how to use them to know when (and how) to act.

  2. Optimise returns by managing the self: focusing, gaining awareness of risk profile, and emotional detachment.

  3. I am creating better ways for investors to understand market influences and catalysts for change.

RISK WARNING: All investing is risky. Returns at not guaranteed. Past performance and case studies are no guarantee of future results 

Paul reviews Great Investment Programme

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